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Single Source Supply


Universal Analyzers and O’Brien are working together to make procurement of sample systems (probe, transport lines and conditioning) a one stop shop.

Have you purchased a sample line only to find out it didn’t mesh with the connections on your sample probe? Now you’re stuck running conduit or wires separately to make all the connections? If you let us know about your project up front, we will work together to make sure the sample line and sample probe fit together seamlessly.

We can all relate to the stress of having something not work the way we expect.

It’s a whole new level when you must maintain uptime on a CEMS system. When something goes wrong it’s never fun bouncing between multiple suppliers trying to diagnosis the problem. We are happy to be your one stop shop to debug issues with your sample probe, sample line, and/or sample conditioning.

UA & OB have been serving the CEMS industry since 1990. If you’re looking for advice on how to solve a tough application come to us and let us use our knowledge to help you solve the problem from the probe all the way to the sample system. We believe in providing customers with solutions - not just products.

Get more information about how we can take the hassle out of CEMs.

Single Source Supply for probe, transport lines & conditioning