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1095E Acid Aerosol Chiller System

Acid Aerosol Chiller System
Flow Capacity L/min
Ambient Temp.  77°F(25°C) 90°F(32°C)
12% H20 Vol. 5 l/m 2 l/m
15% H20 Vol. 5 l/m 2 l/m
30% H20 Vol. 5 l/m 2 l/m
50% H20 Vol. 5 l/m 2 l/m
Exit Dew Point  (°C) -25° -25°

The Universal Analyzer Model 1095E utilizes our proven multistage cooling technique to provide a minus 30°C dew point conditioned sample that is free of corrosive Acid Aerosol Mists. The Model 1095E was designed to protect your analyzer from Acid Aerosol Mists, have user friendly operation with a menu driven touchscreen, and to decrease maintenance time. The model 1095E features a modular design for the heat sink and electronics enclosure. This allows for simple replacement of both assemblies in the case of a failure. The electrical interconnections for the modules are terminated with pluggable connectors, eliminating the inconvenience of removing wires from terminal blocks to replace either module.

Active heat exchanger cooling is accomplished utilizing thermoelectric Peltier devices to cool the heat exchanger to low temperature resulting in condensation. The water separation occurs within our unique heat exchangers with cylindrical surface is cooled to ambient 39°F(4°C) or negative 13°F( -25°C) depending on the cooling stage. Water is removed from gas sample contact using a peristaltic pump. Wetted heat exchanger materials are Glass/Kynar and Kynar/Kynar.