True Probe Natural Gas Sample Probe

True Probe
Continuous gas analysis of wet sample streams has always presented a challenge. Condensed moisture in the sample line can result in corrosion, measurement error, continual maintenance costs, and damage to the analyzer. Universal Analyzer’s patented TrueProbe™ represents a real advancement in wet gas sampling probe design. Designed for the natural gas industry, the TrueProbe™ uses in-situ filtration to provide a moisture- free, representative gas sample to your analyzer.


  • Increased uptime and accuracy of your critical measurements
  • Reliable protection of valuable analytical equipment from moisture
  • Reduced maintenance time and expense due to self cleaning tangential cross flow filter design
  • Large surface area membrane filter reduces plugging in high moisture/particulate applications
  • In-situ filtration keeps particulates & moisture in pipeline; not in the sample line
  • Quick response to changing process conditions when compared to dead-end filter designs

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Pressure Rating: 4000 PSIG (275 BAR)
  • Temperature Range: -20 to 200ºF (-29 to 93ºC)
  • Sensor Body Material: 316 / 316L Stainless Steel NACE compliant to MRO 175/ISO 15156
  • Filter Material: Expanded Teflon
  • Filter Area: 1.18 in2 (4” Sensor), 2.36 in2 (7, 9, & 12” Sensor)
  • Seal Options: Viton Extreme, FFKM (Kalrez)
  • Insertion Lengths: 4” (101mm), 7” (178mm), 9” (229mm), 12” (305mm) - Refer to page 4 dimensions for actual insertion
  • Process Connections: 3/4” Male NPT (Standard), 1” Male NPT - ANSI RF flanges available upon request consult factory
  • Outlet Connection: (1) 1/8” Female NPT