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Model 270SF Probe with NH3 Convertor

Model 270SF Probe with NH3 Convertor
The Universal Analyzers Model 270SF/NH3 heated extractive gas sample probe with ammonia convertor provides two sample stream outlets; one non-converted and the other is after an NH3 to NO conversion. This configuration is primarily used when measuring NH3 downstream of an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) unit using the NOX differential methodology.
Features include:
  • Heated filter chamber to 290°C (550°F ) with high temperature O-rings and seals
  • Dual sample outlet and calibration gas inlet connections
  • Blow back with high pressure accumulator tank and solenoid valve
  • Integrated filter temperature switch and low temperature alarm contacts
  • Temperature sensor for remote control of convertor oven
  • Integrated NH3 convertor with heated transition between filter and convertor oven
  • ANSI/DN mounting flanges for stack or duct connection