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Gas Sample Probes

Universal sample probes handle the most demanding CEMS, process and flare gas applications. We provide solutions for straight extractive and dilution systems including applications with high velocity, high temperature and high dust loading. We also provide integrated ammonia converter and scrubber options for NOxdifferential methodologies commonly used to measure ammonia slip. An integrated blow back system with accumulator tanks and solenoid valve reduce the likelihood of plugged filters while the heated no tool chamber makes changing the filter easy when needed. Our sub-flange assembly allows everything in the flow path, including the probe tube and probe tip filter, to be maintained without removing the enclosure. Universal sample probes are engineered to maximize uptime and make maintenance easy when necessary.


  • Accumulator tanks deliver high volume high velocity blow back to clean the filter
  • No tool filter replacement
  • Probe tube support collar reduces stress at connection
  • Sub-flange allows maintenance without removing enclosure
  • General purpose and hazardous area approvals
  • Optional SilcoNert® 2000 coated flow path
  • 1221 Distillation Probe - Reflux Sampler - Pygas Probe
    Model 1221 Distillation Gas Sample Probe

    The Universal Analyzers Model 1221 Distillation Sample Probe is a unique self-cleaning and temperature stabilized primary sample conditioning system for demanding on-line gas analysis applications. It is a direct replacement for the Fluid Data Reflux Sampler used for PyGas Sampling.

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