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600 Series Mini Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

The Series 600 Mini-Coolers are our least expensive and most compact thermoelectric coolers providing a self-regulated 4.0°C dew point sample gas ready for analysis. Designed with the OEM System Integrator in mind, this device can be either plate or panel mounted and can contain one or two 5” impingers which are cooled passively (to ambient) and/or actively controlled using thermoelectric Peltier devices. The unit’s heat sinks can be cooled using either ambient air or a continuous supply of water. The unit provides a 0-1VDC signal output proportional to the sample temperature between 0-50oC. If the optional water slip sensor is included, two relay outputs are provided to indicate water slip. An externally mounted 12, 15, or 24VDC power supply is required and is offered as an accessory by Universal Analyzers.

Wetted materials are Stainless Steel, Glass/Kynar, Teflon Coated Stainless, Cooler or Hastelloy. The Mini can be easily integrated with other Universal Analyzers supplied sample components including a water slip sensor with and without an integral water coalescing filter, peristaltic pump, sample pump, PLC controlled sample sequencers and our Model 270 Heated Stack Filter Probes. For high pressure applications, metal impingers can be welded together as a single assembly. For special applications, stainless steel impingers can be SilcoNert 2000™ coated.

Universal Analyzers has the ability to mount any and all the above on a plate, in a drawer, on a U-bracket, or provide a panel mount conversion kit. Additionally the 640 Series can be configured for dual stream.


  • Metal impingers can be welded for high pressure applications
  • Stainless impingers can be SilcoNert 2000™ coated to decrease surface reactivity
  • All units above can be fitted for panel mount configuration (See drawing P0435)
  • 24VDC, 150W external power supply 5400-0007
  • 15VDC, 60W external power supply 5400-0008
  • Water Coalescing Ceramic Filter w/ moisture sensor 4980-0009
  • Kynar Water Slip Sensor 6020-0001
  • Sample flow meter with needle valve Specify range
  • Optional LED status indication display 3021-0004
  • Single head Peristaltic pump, 115VAC 4958-0011
  • Dual head Peristaltic pump, 115VAC 4958-0012
  • Single head Peristaltic pump, 230VAC 4958-0013
  • Dual head Peristaltic pump, 230VAC 4958-0035


  • CEMS Integration
  • Process Analysis
  • Process System Integration
  • Economical Chiller Requirements
  • Portable Chiller Requirements
  • In-Plant Chiller Requirements

Basic Technical Specifications

 Maximum Inlet Sample Temperature: 280°F (138°C) w/ Glass/Kynar Heat Exchangers
700°F (371°C) w/ Stainless Heat Exchangers*
 Maximum Inlet Water Concentration:  50%*
 Minimum Ambient Temperature: 32°F (0°C)
 Maximum Ambient Temperature: 105°F (41°C)*
 Outlet Sample Dew Point: 39.2°F (4°C) 
 Voltage: 12, 15, or 24VDC
 Electrical Classification: General Purpose
 Soluble Gas Removal Rates: NO       0% Loss
NO2 <10% Loss
SO2   <2% Loss
CO       0% Loss
CO2   <2% Loss 

*At reduced flow rates, see capacity chart.