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500 Series Thermoelectric Gas Cooler

The Series 500 Sample Coolers are our moderate capacity thermoelectric coolers. They provide a self-regulated 4.0°C dew point gas sample. The 500 Series Coolers condense the water from a wet gas sample with minimal loss of the water soluble gas fraction. This results from the unique design of the heat exchangers.

The separation occurs in the heat exchangers which have a highly polished cylindrical surface cooled by thermoelectric Peltier devices to the desired dew point temperature. These heat exchangers are available in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Kynar/Glass, and Hastelloy C276.

The 500 series coolers can be either panel or wall mounted and can contain one or more 5” heat exchangers. The number of heat exchangers and cooling scheme can be configured to satisfy your application need. The unit’s Peltier elements are cooled by heat sinks which are then cooled using either ambient air or a continuous supply of water.

The 500 Series Coolers can be easily integrated with other Universal Analyzers’ sample components including a water slip sensor with or without an integral water coalescing filter, peristaltic pump, sample pump, manual switches, external terminal strip, or PLC controlled sample handling systems, PLC controlled sample sequencers and our complete line of Stack Filter Probes. For high pressure applications, metal heat exchangers can be welded together as a single assembly. For special applications, stainless steel heat exchangers can be Silconert™ 2000 coated.

The 500 Series Coolers have a digital display for front panel indication of the operating temperature of each of the heat transfer blocks (switch selectable) in degrees Centigrade. Three LED lamps to indicate the status of the cooler.


  • Digital Display
  • Alarm Contacts
  • Status Indicator Lights
  • 5” Heat Exchangers available in different materials (wetted parts)
  • Heat sink cooled by a highly efficient blower
  • Stable dew point
  • Can be integrated into your sample system


  • CEMS Integration
  • Process Analysis
  • Process System Integration
  • In-Plant Chiller Requirement

Basic Technical Specifications

Maximum Inlet Sample Temperature: 280°F (138°C) w/ Glass/Kynar Heat Exchangers
700°F (371°C) w/ Stainless Heat Exchangers*
Maximum Inlet Gas Dew Point: 180°F (82°C)*
Maximum Inlet Water Concentration:  50%*
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 34°F (1°C)
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 105°F (41°C)*
Outlet Sample Dew Point: 39.2°F (4°C) 
Gas Sample Inlet Fitting: 3/8" tubing fitting
Gas Sample Outlet Fitting: 1/4" tubing fitting
Bottom Water Drain Fitting: 3/8" tubing fitting
Voltage: 115/230 VAC 50/60 HZ
Electrical Classification: General Purpose
Soluble Gas Removal Rates: NO       0% Loss
NO2 <10% Loss
SO2   <2% Loss
CO       0% Loss
CO2   <2% Loss 
Storage Requirement: Cool & dry location,
-20°F < x < 120°F < 95° relative humidity, non‐condensing
* at reduced flow rates, see capacity charts

Principle of Operation

In order to accurately analyze combustion gases, moisture must be removed from the sample without removing gas components of interest. The Universal Analyzers Thermoelectric Gas Cooler provides an ideal repeatable, and stable way to decrease the dew point of combustion gasses. This prevents water condensation in sample prefilters, sample pumps, and gas analyzers. Where water vapor is an interferent, a stable and repeatable dew point becomes a part of the gas analyzer’s performance specification. The 500 Series Cooler provides this constant, resulting in an accurate analysis of the gas components of interest.

The gas sample is first pulled through a sample probe, which usually contains a heated filter, and then through a heated sample line, which keeps the sample above its dew point. The 500 Series Cooler then condenses water out of the sample, which lowers the dew point to 5°C (41°F).

The 500 Series Thermoelectric Gas Coolers are for general purpose, light duty applications. Several models are available to meet various application conditions.


The 500 Series Thermoelectric Gas Coolers are best suited for Indoor, air-conditioned environments. Each unit dissipates heat, and the surrounding area must be well ventilated to provide adequate cooling. The cooler should be located away from other heat sources. If located inside a small enclosure, outside air should be ducted directly onto the heat sink, and thermostatically controlled fans and vents should be utilized. Never mount the unit in direct sunlight to avoid solar heat loading.

Learn more about the installation process@ 500 Series Thermoelectric Coolers Instruction Manual

500 Series Cooler Models