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Top supplier of All Components Related to CEMS & PROCESS Gas Sampling Equipment. We specialize in Dilution Probes & Probe Controllers as well as Straight Extractive Sample Probes, Gas Sample Coolers & Complete Sample Conditioning Systems for Permanent or Portable Installations. We can also coordinate the interface between the sample probe, the heated sample line, the sample gas cooler and the balance of conditioning components so that all required connections are provided in a single package.

  • Coolers
    Gas Sample Coolers

    Universal Analyzers’ thermoelectric and vortex gas coolers reduce the dew point of wet samples with minimal loss to soluble compounds.

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  • Probes
    Gas Sample Probes

    Universal sample probes handle the most demanding CEMS, process and flare gas applications. We provide solutions for straight extractive and dilution systems including applications with high velocity, high temperature and high dust loading.

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  • Systems
    Sample Conditioning Systems

    Rack, drawer and panel mounted sample conditioning systems are available for single or multiple streams and can include gas coolers, peristaltic and diaphragm pumps as well as user specified accessories.

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  • Portable
    Portable Sample Systems

    The Model 512, 513 & 514 Portable Sample Gas Conditioning System is designed for non-continuous use in any gas analysis system but can also be used as a backup for any CEMS system or in a Laboratory environment.

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  • Shelter
    Single Source Supply

    Universal Analyzers and O’Brien have been working together for nine years to make procurement of sample conditioning (probe, sample lines, sample systems, etc.) a one stop shop.

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  • Accessories

    Universal Analyzers offers a wide array of accessories for the sample systems and gas coolers.

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