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Engineering ServicesApplication Engineering

The emission and process control markets continue to move toward tighter controls, increased demand on devices and a narrowing of performance parameters. Understanding the process details surrounding instrumentation and analytical loops and their function in LNG, GTL, refining, offshore, power plants or whatever the application has been Universal Analyzer's expertise for over 30 years. In a world of diminishing and qualified labor, when the need to test and design loops for a wide variety of applications becomes critical – Universal Analyzers is your best choice.

Our manufacturing-engineering team and our services partners utilize state of the art technology to create and sample conditioning systems. Our understanding of process interface and collaboration with your engineering team has proven to produce the most accurate, cost effective and safe systems. There is no all-encompassing specification for sample conditioning for process and CEMs instruments analyzers. We work closely with our customers to design sample conditioning systems solutions based on ambient conditions, process, equipment selection, maintenance, construction, and safety considerations.

Field Support

Global labor shortages represent a significant expense risk when processing plants are under construction. The risks are many and can be related to safety, project timeline, and system reliability. Universal's services team are active partners with logistics and construction site management. Feeding a new construction site with instrumentation and analytical skid assemblies requires a 24 x 7 awareness of project schedule.

Installation / Best Practices Training

  • Coordinated site training for all crafts - electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, analytical

  • Safety reviews

  • Documentation control to ensure uniformity of installations and maintenance records

PLC Solutions and Services

PLC solution & services

Custom solutions for your tough PLC problems. Universal Analyzers offers complete automation and integration to fit our customers’ specific needs. Experienced controls engineers, designers and a complete panel building shop bring experienced resources to bear on any automation project.

PLC Services Provided

  • PLC programming from inception with ladder logic or flowchart documentation

  • Operator interface programming

  • Truth Tables to support the program before and after creation

  • Operator Manuals with instructions for hardware and software

  • Drawings available in AutoCAD™ or .pdf format

  • Remote support available

  • Access to engineers for continued field support

PLC Products We Support

  • Allen Bradley

  • GE Fanuc

  • Siemens

  • Automation Direct

  • And Others