PLC Programming

PLC Touch Screen
Universal Analyzers offers complete automation and integration to fit our customers' specific needs. Experienced controls engineers, designers and complete panel building shop bring resources to bear on any automation project. Please contact a Universal Analyzers' PLC application engineer for specific information regarding your project via telephone (800)993-9309 or send us an email.

Services We Provide
  • PLC Programming from scratch with ladder logic or flowchart programming
  • Operator interface programming
  • Truth tables to support the program before and after creation
  • Operator manuals with instructions for hardware and software
  • Drawings available in AutoCad™ or .pdf format
  • Remote support via PCAnywhere™ or a modem over-phone line to the PLC
  • Access to engineers for continued support

PLC Products We Support

Allen Bradley
  • MicroLogix™ 1000, 1200, 1500
  • SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05
  • ControlLogix™
  • PanelViews
  • Micro800
  • CompactLogix
GE Fanuc
  • Versa Max™ Nano and Micro
  • Versa Max™
  • ViewStation™ Windows CE
  • Touch screens running
  • Cimplicity™ Machine Edition
  • LOGO!™
  • Simantic™ S7-200
  • Simantic™ S7-300
  • Simantic™ S7-1200
Automation Direct
  • DL 06/05/105 micro PLCs
  • DL 205 micro-modular PLC
  • EZ Touch Operator Interfaces
  • C-MORE™
  • C-MORE™ Micro